Check out the City Park in Kingston

When you hear the name City Park this could be referring to a whole lot of different parks in virtually any part of the world. However, most likely it will be in reference to City Park in Kingston Ontario. It is a very short walk from King St. within the city of Kingston.

Once here you are going to be most pleased with what you find. You truly are going to see nature at its best. One of the best advantages of this City Park is that it can be used all year round. When the kids want to cool off during the summer months it’s easy to do because they can spend many hours enjoying the splash pad. Then when winter sets in no reason for the young ones to be house bound because they can head over to this park to enjoy some winter skating.

Then in between all this fun there is additional entertainment for the kids who can keep themselves busy in the playgrounds.

For the adults there is just as much fun to be had here at City park. There is the Walk at City Park which also has a water garden along the way where many love to stop and just admire it. For the families who want to make the visit to this park a day out there are plenty of places to have a picnic and even barbecue. There are washrooms on the premises for convenience.

This park is so popular in Kingston that often it is booked for events. These sometimes include art shows and theatre performances.

The park is well maintained and the residents of Kingston take great pride in this green space. It certainly is one of the landmarks of Kingston that you will want to enjoy, and will certainly want to visit on a regular basis.

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