The Exciting Brantford Casino

Brantford Casino is one of the many Casinos in Ontario that is managed by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG). This means that it is a Charity Casino that puts a great deal of the profits generated from the Casino back into Ontario to provide economic and social benefits.

The Brantford Casino is one that serves all those who have a passion for playing the slots. This establishment has over 540 slot games to choose from. They range from the simple classic slots all the way up to the modern video versions. No matter which one a player chooses they stand a good chance of walking away with some winnings, or at the very least enjoying many of the free bonus games that a lot of the slots here at Brantford Casino has to offer.

This casino also caters to those who love to play the table games. There is plenty of this to be found here at the 59 tables that offer a great selection of Poker, Blackjack and Baccarat, for example. The Brantford Casino is open 24/7 so anyone wishing to enjoy their gaming activity day or night can certainly do so.

Some casino players like to play electronic versions of some of the table games so the Brantford Casino offers these like Roulette and Sic Bo as well as a few others.

Something else that is a lot of fun at the Brantford Casino is taking part in the different promotions that they often run. Plus, if you are looking to enjoy some good food then you will enjoy the food that is offered here at the Getaway Restaurant.

When you are visiting a top quality casino like the Brantford Casino you really want to make sure that you allot enough time to spend here. One thing that is for sure is once you get here you will not want to leave.

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