The Wonderful Andrew Haydon Park

If you happen to be in Ottawa then there is plenty for you to see and do here, but one thing that you need to take some time out for is Andrew Haydon Park. This park sits on the Ottawa river so you can imagine the wonderful scenic view it is going to give you.

You can expect to enjoy all of the gardens and foliage as it pertains to the different seasons that Ottawa experiences. This alone is enough to warrant a stroll through the park but there is even more here to be enjoyed. If you go at the right time you will be entertained with the different venues that may be presented at the band shell which often hosts many different concerts.

You may even want to plan to have a picnic here at Andrew Haydon Park because it provides the perfect environment to do so. If you are looking for a free but wonderful outing for the family then this has got to be one of the top choices.

If you happen to be taking the family dog along with you for your visit to Andrew Haydon Park you are certainly welcome to do so however there are a few rules that you must adhere to. First your dog must be on a leash at all times while in the park. Secondly your canine friend is not allowed with 15 metres of the children’s play areas or the pools. Other than that your dog is welcome to enjoy this great atmosphere, but don’t forget to clean up after him/her as necessary.

What is interesting to note is that dogs were not always allowed in the park, In order to keep the geese population down that were visiting the park it was determined that allowing dogs would be the solution. Being as the geese aren’t too keen on sharing space with the dogs.

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